How To Verify Your Channel on YouTube

How To Get Verified on YouTube

If you don’t know how to get verified on YouTube then you are at the right platform. We will tell you how to get verified on YouTube.

It is important for those who want to make money from this video Sharing platform to get verified YouTube badge. But it is not an easy as we think to get verified channel, may be someone have tried to get verification and got rejected. Maybe you were earning from it and then rejected without knowing why. It may be also possible that you don’t know how and where to start.

It is possible but it may take some time. It’s worthy and we will show you what to do to become a verified-on YouTube.

Get Verified on YouTube

Getting verified on YouTube offers important advantages to profiles on every platform. A channel with a verification badge will help you to grow your popularity within the platform. Visitors will now be able to find your channel more on the platform easily. That will enhance both your reputation and your credibility.

Conditions for verified channel
Conditions for verified channel

Having a verified YouTube channel is the dream of many nowadays. After all, it is the largest video platform in the online world. A YouTube verification badge is a grey checkmark or a grey music note shown next to the channel name of a YouTube owner. This verification badge shows credibility. It tells the world that your YouTube channel is run by a real human being, an established creator, or an authenticated brand.

Here are two things to keep in mind:

No exclusive features: If you are verified on YouTube, it doesn’t mean you will get access to any features. As we have already described that it just offers you brand legitimacy.

Prevents stolen traffic: If you are verified on YouTube, it will prevent from stealing any traffic.

Difference Between YouTube Verification Badge and YouTube Account Verification

These two processes are often mixed with each other. However, the YouTube account verification process is not different from the process on other social media platforms. It’s just a process that the YouTube algorithm uses to find out if you’re a real user.

These two processes are different from each other and we will explain you the difference between them.

YouTube account verification

YouTube account verification: YouTube asks you to verify your account by adding a phone when first time you create an account just like other social media platforms. This lets YouTube know you’re a real human, not a bot trying to spam the site.

You will be given a facility to add 15 minutes long video after verifying your YouTube channel. Verification of YouTube is important for those who want to monetize their YouTube channel.

YouTube verification badge: As we have mentioned, getting your YouTube verified and the channel verification badge are not the same. It’s a little bit difficult to get YouTube verification badge. You go through different processes to get a channel verification badge.  A channel is considered official if it is verified. verified channel helps to distinguish from other channels with similar name. A channel can be verified just by phone number but it’s hard to get verification badge because you need to achieve all the benchmark.

How to Get Verified on YouTube in 2022: Step-By-Step Guide
difference between verified YouTube channel and unverified YouTube Channel

There is only one thing you need to verify your YouTube account. It is the verification code sent to your phone number. However, earning your channel a verification badge gets much more than that. First of all, you will have to work harder to get this badge. Because there are some criteria that your channel must meet in order to earn this badge. These are called YouTube verification badge criteria.

Those people who have this verification badge are well known how difficult it is to get it. Therefore, it is called the badge of honor. If you have a verification badge for your channel, you will also make the content on your channel stand out even more. So, having one of these badges is advantageous effectively and incredibly. It is true that you have to put in a lot of effort to earn it. However, once you’ve earned it, will make things much easier for you on YouTube. Therefore, a verification badge is definitely worth the effort.

Why You Need to Get Verification on YouTube

We have talked about how hard it is to earn a YouTube channel verification badge. At this point, having this badge also tells your audience something about the quality of your channel. It tells them that you are interested in the YouTube platform of this channel professionally. So, it’s the best way to inform your audience to know that you care and value your channel.

Another important aspect of having a channel verification badge is its addition to your personal branding. If you can manage the personal branding process successfully, there will be many more opportunities to monetize on YouTube. You will be able to get money from your own ideas through your personal brand. Visitors will adopt your channel much faster.

How to Make Money on YouTube in 2022 (13 Profitable Ideas)
More money with verified channel

Almost on every social media verification gives an extra advantage. It clears that a person who is creating a account is real person and the other thing that is cleared by verification that a person who owns a account serious about sharing content.

Any account that is non authentic is backfired. Besides, verification badge helps to protect your account or channel from being confused with fake channels. The other channels may look like yours but when your own channel is verified by YouTube, it can be easy for your followers to find your channel. The new followers will trust on you.

Requirements for YouTube Verification

We have said that your channel must meet some criteria to earn a verification badge from YouTube. You need to try to meet the criteria that YouTube has set clearly in this regard.  If your channel has got over 100,000 subscribers, you can immediately get a verification badge. However, many people think of a YouTube verification badge as a way of content endorsement, not identity. That’s why the YouTube updated their verification policy.

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To get a YouTube verification badge, your channel must meet the following criteria:

Your channel must have at least 100,000 subscribers. We all know that how hard it is to get these figures.

Requirements for YouTube Verification

Be authentic: it means that your channel must represent the real creator or brand. Make sure you are not a copycat channel if you want to get verified on YouTube. Your YouTube channel must not infringe the copyrights of other channels or rights holders. So, if you want the YouTube channel verification badge, you’re going to need some creative ideas.

Don’t forget that your channel will be in a position that will appeal to millions of people when the time will come. Do not forget to update this information when need. This identity you will create will make your channel look fuller.

Be complete: it means that your channel must be public and have a description, channel icon, and content, and should be active on YouTube. These criteria shows that your channel is eligible for a YouTube verification badge.

Is There any Shortcut to Get Verification on YouTube

You can rest easy that the shortcuts we’ll talk about in this section aren’t those tricks you encounter on the web. These offers promise you to grow your YouTube channel in a short way. However, these are tricks rather than shortcuts

Here are many people who will tell you some shortcut to get verification badge on YouTube. e.g. buy YouTube subscribers, buy YouTube watch time or buy verified channel etc. You may see these offers everywhere on internet. But you need to be careful with them. Follow this advice, even if it’s not the shortest way to get a YouTube verification badge.  So, let’s start listing these proven tactics as soon as possible. The best way to immediately get a YouTube verification badge is following proven tricks to grow views for your channel and enhance your subscribers. Think about these tips:

Be honest and transparent about what you’re sharing on YouTube: If you want to attract your followers/ viewers create incredible video content. Never ever try to exaggerate the benefits of your products. Don’t try to deceive, be honest and transparent in every field with your audience. If you’re selling a product, tell a story to your viewers about where you get the materials and how you actually make it.

Treat your YouTube channel like a business: Did you know that YouTube treats the platform first and foremost as a business? That is their priority. Entertainment and other matters come later. So, you shouldn’t see YouTube as a social media platform first of all. Handle it with professionalism. Treat it like it’s your business. So, just like in your business, you should aim to add real value to your customers. By acting this way, you can become a true business partner of YouTube. Then, it will continue to reward business partners like you as a priority.

Respond to any comment you have received on videos. It’s one of the great ways to get more viewers by showing your real face, and you value people’s opinions/feedback. It also helps you start a conversation with new followers and encourages them to subscribe your channel.

Engage with viewers: You want to get people to be engaged with your videos. In this case, do not leave the viewers who comment on your videos unanswered. Replying to their comments and liking them will encourage your viewers to engage with your videos. That will also convince new audiences to subscribe to your channel and engage with your videos.

Be consistent and regular: To get more followers on YouTube, you have to be consistent and regular. So, share videos often and consistently on your channel to engage with your followers. Obviously, you don’t need to post a video every hour or every couple of hours. But it’s recommended that you upload at least one video per week, especially if you’re just starting out or trying to build trust on audience. And don’t forget to respond your audience, it gives your good impression and build trust on you. You can use tools like hashtags to schedule your videos, so you can focus on creating regularly high-quality content instead. The video below explains how hashtags can help you to manage your YouTube presence.

Steps to Get Verified YouTube Channel

If you meet the criteria above, take these two simple steps to get a YouTube verification badge. That is a common procedure that almost every online platform follows. This procedure is required to verify that you are not a bot spamming the platform.

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Step 1: Move to Google’s support page

Apply for channel verification

Notice the Apply now anchor write in the text box.

You’ll need to click on it to access the application form.

Step 2: Fill in the form

  • Click Apply Now to access the application form.
  • All you need to do is to fill in the information.
  • To know your Channel ID, sign in your YouTube account > Settings > Advanced settings, and you’ll see it like this:
  • YouTube verification channel ID
  • Click the submit button
  • Thank you note
  • YouTube will also send you an email for confirmation:
  • confirm the email
  • You may have to wait some weeks for results.

How to Stay Verified

Here are some rules to follow to stay verified on YouTube channel.

Don’t Violate

It’s one of the best things to get verified on YouTube channel.  Even though you’ve met all the criteria and got a verification badge, YouTube can and will take it away if you will violate their Terms of Service or Community Guidelines.

Don’t Change Your Channel Name

Don’t change your channel name, If you change your channel name, you lose your badge as well. But you can apply for verification again using the new name.

Getting a YouTube verification badge isn’t as easy as it seems; You need a lot of work before you can get it. But as long as you follow YouTube criteria, you should have less trouble in getting that grey checkmark soon.

Frequently Asked Question

Does my channel need to be verified in order to monetize my videos?

You need to verify your account to monetize your videos. You must also meet a few other criteria for this. However, you don’t need to have a verification badge to monetize your videos.

Is the number of views crucial for my channel to earn a verification badge?

There are no such criteria for earning a verification badge on the YouTube support page. However, the number of views is vital to grow your channel.

What features will unlock after your channel earns a verification badge?

You can unlock features such as adding URLs of off-platform websites to videos, limiting the access for some videos, the ability to add longer videos, and the ability to add thumbnails for your videos.

How many days require to get verification badge?

This process may take some days or a couple of weeks after you submit your application. It depends on how well your channel meets the criteria.

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